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Thursday, 15 August 2019

The past is a lesson, the present is hard work, the future is hope

Ever trapped in memories of the past, or trapped in fear of the future?

Beautiful memories in the past can make us complacent and quickly complacent so that we lose motivation to work in the present. Bitter memories in the past can traumatize us and can also eliminate our motivation to work hard in the present.

The future is also a scary thing for people, always thinking so that they become worried and worried whether the future is bright or MADESU (future is bleak). Too many dreams of the future are also not good, many dreams that do not make sense without being accompanied by efforts to achieve it. What is the result? yeah the edges are big zero too, I didn't get anything.

As a result of being too traumatized by the past and fearing the future, we lose the momentum of the present, the era is always developing at any time, technology is getting more advanced, if we miss it we will lose the present and future, we are drowning in the past that bitter or beautiful.

Then what should our attitude be? Are we still going to remember the past and fantasize about the future? Or do we need to think of the past and the future and just live in the present as water flows without any goals and ideals?

As a wise person in dealing with circumstances, we should be able to make the past a reflection of ourselves and lessons for our provision in our day. If in the past we had a bad experience, then make it a lesson so that we don't repeat the same mistakes. And if in the past we had a beautiful experience, then make it as a lesson so that in the present we can stay consistent and do good and can improve us to be better.

The future is hope, in the future there is always our hope to be better than now, there is nothing to fear in the future. The future is the result of lessons in the past and the fruit of what we do in the present.

The conclusion is to take lessons from the past, do your best with hard work in the present, and look to the time with optimism and hope.

Sunday, 11 August 2019

The easy way to donate a used car in California

Have a used car that is not used? confused want to be controlled, do not let your car parked full of dust in your home garage.

Maybe for some people selling it becomes the first choice, because it can make money and be used for other purposes.

But that's all too common, there are other ways to make use of that unused used car, by donating it in California. Especially donate to social foundations. Your used car will be very useful for the foundation because it will be used for foundation purposes, such as the foundation's operational activities in California.

How to donate it?
1. Fix the car
Before donating your car, you should check the car first, if something is broken you should fix it first so as not to burden the foundation if the condition of the car is damaged
2. Find a foundation in California that really needs a car
3. Pay your car tax
4. Contact the notary for administrative processes
That was the way to donate your used car that is not used to the foundation in California.

May be useful

thank you

The Key To Success Is Following The Process

Who does not want to achieve success? How many people dream of success and live well.

But very little knows the process that goes through before reaching the level of success as they are. They don't know how difficult and steep the road they have to go through before they succeed. Mostly we only see the final result.
How many people who took decades in the process and then succeeded, how many people who went through the process then returned to the beginning because bankruptcy could only be successful many times.

Success is not possible without going through a long process and failure many times. As the saying goes, success will not be achieved overnight.
The point is to start doing good towards success, starting from the small things first, follow the process step by step, little by little, if it fails try to get back up, take lessons from failure so as not to repeat in the future.
Following the process will not only guide us to success, but will also mature us when we have achieved success so that we will not be negligent, complacent, and arrogant when it is successful. Many people are arrogant when it is successful, they forget the long road that they went through before, the sparkling world closes their eyes and hearts to the truth and humility so that it turns into arrogant.
The best thing is, start chasing your dream of things that are useful, follow the process, take lessons from failure, then success is getting closer.

Thursday, 8 August 2019

Every Busy Day Continues to Work, Remember Your Family Has the Right to You

Having lots of activities and a lot of work is not wrong, many people are busy working every day from morning to evening and some even get to work after night, sometimes even at home they still continue work that hasn't finished yet. Unmitigated, there are also people who when they are still working to finish work deadlines.

Again it's not wrong, it's even better than being unemployed without a job. But there is one thing that we forget a little, that they may be busy working, but we forget that there are our family rights that must be fulfilled, our families are also entitled to ourselves, the right to just chat and joke with us.

It may seem trivial, but that kind of thing can add love to the family, make the family happy and release all the fatigue in the brain because they are forced to work hard all day. Even just chatting with family with laughter and jokes is even more enough than a luxury vacation to a famous tourist spot.

But is just chatting casually with family not adding money and business? Of course not, not everything in this world is only about one thing, there are many things that can make us happy and our lives more quality, not all about business and money. How many people feel happy chatting with their families even though they only have dinner with ordinary food, only white rice and fried eggs sunny side up.

Even in the teachings of Islam is taught that the prophet teaches that there is no joke that brings reward other than joking with his wife and family. So the amount of Islamic attention to fostering good relations in the family and giving family rights to ourselves.

So, no matter how busy we remember that there are our families who are entitled to our presence and affection. They are always waiting for us to come home worried and happy when we get home safely.

Wednesday, 7 August 2019

For You Who Feel Bored With Work Routines, Here Are The 3-Step Anti-Boredom

Some people who work in a company or in government agencies and carry out routine work every day from Monday to Friday and even until Saturday. Wrestling with the same job every day, led to work with deadlines, so that sometimes have to work overtime to complete the guided work must be completed at the specified time.

They work every day, for many years and even decades from working in their twenties to retirement around sixty. Not a few of those who feel bored doing that work every day for years, they feel bored and have no enthusiasm at work, or feel undervalued by their superiors' work. As a result, not a few of them sometimes think of retiring early, but even though they retire to do it because of economic demands, they think that if I retire what I want to eat.

Here are things you can do that will make your work fun and not boring anymore:

1. Look for New Challenges
The cause of boredom sometimes there is nothing new in his work so he does not feel challenged to do the work. Try to find new challenges such as taking care of other things or fields other than the field that he has been working on. It does not matter if the other fields that are undertaken outside the educational background, it is good to add experience and new knowledge so that they do not get bored because they keep learning new things that have never been taken care of before.

2. Determine the Target
Working with targets really helps us to achieve maximum work results. With the target, we will feel satisfied if our work is in accordance with the specified target. We Must set our personal targets, for example in a few years we must achieve a good achievement or in a certain age must achieve a good achievement.

With the targets that we have set, we will avoid the boredom of the routine work that shackles us.

3. Sincere Work
Try to work with sincerity. Sincere here means that work is not solely for the purpose of money yes, but work to help others, help the community, serve the country. But that does not mean we are not paid work, because we also have the responsibility to support our families at home.

Saturday, 3 August 2019

Work hard every day but the salary is still mediocre, Do this so that income is always excessive

How are you all my friends, hopefully you are always given health and cheap sustenance.

In this article I will discuss about people who have worked hard at work but their income is still just so, just barely. Or according to them their salary is always never enough, always unable to save, just barely good, some even have to owe because their income is not enough to meet their needs.

We try to correct it again, let's think again, why is our salary never enough? Or why is our salary so low?

There are some things we must do before we say our income or salary is barely enough, always lacking and so on.

1. Give thanks

Have you been grateful for the salary you get? Did you know that the salary you get is a great favor that God gives us? That with that salary we are not starving, our families are not starving, our children can go to school? Isn't that a huge favor from God? Remember to give thanks to Allah for blessings in the form of our salary whatever the amount, because if we give thanks, God will provide for our needs and add to the pleasure.

2. Too much unnecessary expenditure

Too many unnecessary expenses will spend our salaries so that it will have an impact on our basic needs, consequently our basic needs are not met. What result? Yes our salary will never be enough and always less.

3. Don't have a financial plan

Do not have a financial plan there is something fatal, because good financial arrangements will make our income will meet our needs, even we can save every month. A good financial plan does not mean we have to hold back and not spend, but rather regulated expenditure, regulated budget, so that our expenses are in accordance with what we have budgeted.

4. Have no other income besides monthly salary

Do not focus on just one source of income, if you want to have more income, then you have to be creative in looking for other sources of income, anything as long as it doesn't interfere with basic work hours. You can do it in the evening or at night, or you can do it online.

Thus my writing, may be useful.


Friday, 2 August 2019

Kerja Banting Tulang Setiap Hari Tapi Gaji Masih Pas Pasan, Lakukan Hal Ini Agar Penghasilan Selalu Berlebih

Assalamualaikum warohmatullahi wabarokatuh. Apa kabar teman teman semua, semoga anda selalu diberi kesehatan dan murah rezekinya.
Pada tulisan kali ini saya akan membahas tentang orang orang yang sudah kerja keras dalam bekerja namun pendapatan mereka masih begitu begitu aja, pas pasan. Atau menurut mereka gaji mereka selalu tidak pernah cukup, selalu tidak bisa menabung, pas pasan saja sudah bagus, bahkan ada yang harus ngutang karena penghasilan mereka tidak cukup untuk memenuhi kebutuhannya.
Coba kita koreksi lagi, coba kita renungkan kembali, mengapa gaji kita tidak pernah cukup? Atau mengapa gaji kita sedikit sekali?

Ada beberapa hal yang harus kita lakukan sebelum mengatakan penghasilan atau gaji kita pas pasan atau tidak cukup, selalu kurang dan sebagainya.

1. Bersyukur
Sudahkah anda bersyukur dengan gaji yang anda peroleh? Tahukah anda bahwa gaji yang anda peroleh itu adalah nikmat yang besar yang berikan oleh Allah kepada kita? Bahwa dengan gaji itu kita tidak kelaparan, keluarga kita tidak kelaparan, anak anak kita bisa bersekolah? Bukankan itu suatu nikmat yang luar biasa besar dari Allah? Ingatlah untuk bersyukur kepada Allah akan nikmat berupa gaji kita berapapun besarnya, karena jika kita bersyukur maka Allah akan mencukupkan kebutuhan kita dan menambah nikmatnya.
2. Terlalu banyak pengeluaran yang tidak penting
Terlalu banyak pengeluaran yang tidak penting akan menghabiskan gaji kita sehingga akan berdampak kepada kebutuhan pokok kita, akibatnya kebutuhan pokok kita jadi tidak terpenuhi. Akibatnya apa? Ya gaji kita tidak akan pernah cukup dan selalu kurang.

3. Tidak punya rencana keuangan
Tidak punya rencana keuangan ada sesuatu yang fatal, karena pengaturan keuangan yang baik akan membuat pendapatan kita akan mencukupi kebutuhan kita, bahkan kita bisa menabung setiap bulannya. Rencana keuangan yang baik bukan berarti kita haru menahan diri dan tidak belanja, akan tetapi diatur pengeluarannya, diatur budgetnya, sehingga pengeluaran kita sesuai dengan yang telah kita anggarkan.
3. Tidak punya penghasilan lain selain gaji bulanan
Jangan terpaku pada satu sumber pemasukan saja, jika anda ingin punya pendapatan lebih, maka anda harus kreatif mencari sumber pendapatan lain, apa saja asalkan tidak mengganggu jam kerja pokok. Anda bisa lakukan disore atau dimalam hari, atau anda lakukan secara online.

Demikianlah tulisan saya, semoga bermanfaat.

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