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Thursday, 15 August 2019

The past is a lesson, the present is hard work, the future is hope

Ever trapped in memories of the past, or trapped in fear of the future?

Beautiful memories in the past can make us complacent and quickly complacent so that we lose motivation to work in the present. Bitter memories in the past can traumatize us and can also eliminate our motivation to work hard in the present.

The future is also a scary thing for people, always thinking so that they become worried and worried whether the future is bright or MADESU (future is bleak). Too many dreams of the future are also not good, many dreams that do not make sense without being accompanied by efforts to achieve it. What is the result? yeah the edges are big zero too, I didn't get anything.

As a result of being too traumatized by the past and fearing the future, we lose the momentum of the present, the era is always developing at any time, technology is getting more advanced, if we miss it we will lose the present and future, we are drowning in the past that bitter or beautiful.

Then what should our attitude be? Are we still going to remember the past and fantasize about the future? Or do we need to think of the past and the future and just live in the present as water flows without any goals and ideals?

As a wise person in dealing with circumstances, we should be able to make the past a reflection of ourselves and lessons for our provision in our day. If in the past we had a bad experience, then make it a lesson so that we don't repeat the same mistakes. And if in the past we had a beautiful experience, then make it as a lesson so that in the present we can stay consistent and do good and can improve us to be better.

The future is hope, in the future there is always our hope to be better than now, there is nothing to fear in the future. The future is the result of lessons in the past and the fruit of what we do in the present.

The conclusion is to take lessons from the past, do your best with hard work in the present, and look to the time with optimism and hope.

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