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Thursday, 8 August 2019

Every Busy Day Continues to Work, Remember Your Family Has the Right to You

Having lots of activities and a lot of work is not wrong, many people are busy working every day from morning to evening and some even get to work after night, sometimes even at home they still continue work that hasn't finished yet. Unmitigated, there are also people who when they are still working to finish work deadlines.

Again it's not wrong, it's even better than being unemployed without a job. But there is one thing that we forget a little, that they may be busy working, but we forget that there are our family rights that must be fulfilled, our families are also entitled to ourselves, the right to just chat and joke with us.

It may seem trivial, but that kind of thing can add love to the family, make the family happy and release all the fatigue in the brain because they are forced to work hard all day. Even just chatting with family with laughter and jokes is even more enough than a luxury vacation to a famous tourist spot.

But is just chatting casually with family not adding money and business? Of course not, not everything in this world is only about one thing, there are many things that can make us happy and our lives more quality, not all about business and money. How many people feel happy chatting with their families even though they only have dinner with ordinary food, only white rice and fried eggs sunny side up.

Even in the teachings of Islam is taught that the prophet teaches that there is no joke that brings reward other than joking with his wife and family. So the amount of Islamic attention to fostering good relations in the family and giving family rights to ourselves.

So, no matter how busy we remember that there are our families who are entitled to our presence and affection. They are always waiting for us to come home worried and happy when we get home safely.

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