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Sunday, 11 August 2019

The Key To Success Is Following The Process

Who does not want to achieve success? How many people dream of success and live well.

But very little knows the process that goes through before reaching the level of success as they are. They don't know how difficult and steep the road they have to go through before they succeed. Mostly we only see the final result.
How many people who took decades in the process and then succeeded, how many people who went through the process then returned to the beginning because bankruptcy could only be successful many times.

Success is not possible without going through a long process and failure many times. As the saying goes, success will not be achieved overnight.
The point is to start doing good towards success, starting from the small things first, follow the process step by step, little by little, if it fails try to get back up, take lessons from failure so as not to repeat in the future.
Following the process will not only guide us to success, but will also mature us when we have achieved success so that we will not be negligent, complacent, and arrogant when it is successful. Many people are arrogant when it is successful, they forget the long road that they went through before, the sparkling world closes their eyes and hearts to the truth and humility so that it turns into arrogant.
The best thing is, start chasing your dream of things that are useful, follow the process, take lessons from failure, then success is getting closer.

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