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Saturday, 3 August 2019

Work hard every day but the salary is still mediocre, Do this so that income is always excessive

How are you all my friends, hopefully you are always given health and cheap sustenance.

In this article I will discuss about people who have worked hard at work but their income is still just so, just barely. Or according to them their salary is always never enough, always unable to save, just barely good, some even have to owe because their income is not enough to meet their needs.

We try to correct it again, let's think again, why is our salary never enough? Or why is our salary so low?

There are some things we must do before we say our income or salary is barely enough, always lacking and so on.

1. Give thanks

Have you been grateful for the salary you get? Did you know that the salary you get is a great favor that God gives us? That with that salary we are not starving, our families are not starving, our children can go to school? Isn't that a huge favor from God? Remember to give thanks to Allah for blessings in the form of our salary whatever the amount, because if we give thanks, God will provide for our needs and add to the pleasure.

2. Too much unnecessary expenditure

Too many unnecessary expenses will spend our salaries so that it will have an impact on our basic needs, consequently our basic needs are not met. What result? Yes our salary will never be enough and always less.

3. Don't have a financial plan

Do not have a financial plan there is something fatal, because good financial arrangements will make our income will meet our needs, even we can save every month. A good financial plan does not mean we have to hold back and not spend, but rather regulated expenditure, regulated budget, so that our expenses are in accordance with what we have budgeted.

4. Have no other income besides monthly salary

Do not focus on just one source of income, if you want to have more income, then you have to be creative in looking for other sources of income, anything as long as it doesn't interfere with basic work hours. You can do it in the evening or at night, or you can do it online.

Thus my writing, may be useful.


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